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Tag: 1812

Fort Drummond

Fort Drummond, a piece of British and American military history that lives on only in ruins. Located in Whitney bay on Drummond Island, the fort was the location of retreat by British soldiers after the American takeover of Fort Mackinac…

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Fort Wilkins: Opening the Lake Superior Frontier

The once remote Copper Harbor is now home to a cozy town, with an old military post. Fort Wilkins, situated on the north shore of Lake Fanny Hooe and a couple miles south of Lake Superior, has kept a watchful eye over…

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Fort York and Its Functions During The War of 1812

  The foundation of urban Toronto was a military lead endeavor that began when John Graves Simcoe gave the order to have a garrison built in what would become known as Fort York in 1793. In the early years of…

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The History of Fort Wayne(Detroit)

    Before the Construction of Fort Wayne The history of the future site of Fort Wayne extends much further back than the simple mapping and surveying of the area.  Natives Americans had been living in the area for many…

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Fort Malden, Gateway to the Upper Great Lakes

Photo Courtesy Parks Canada Shown above is the partially restored Fort Malden, currently the location of the Fort Malden National Historic Site Museum. On the right is the restored estate house, which was built after the Fort’s closing in the…

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The Battle of Queenston Heights: An American Folly

Well-planned British tactical maneuvers executed by experienced leadership and Native American assistance would overcome a numerical disadvantage on the battlefield while leading the British to victory during the Battle of Queenston Heights. This major battle that took place during the…

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