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Tag: 1830s

The History and Role of of Fort Jackson in the Black Hawk War

Beginning of the Black Hawk War Fort Jackson would never have been established if it weren’t for the Black Hawk War that took place from April 6, 1832 – August 27, 1832. The Black Hawk War originally started due to…

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Fort Crawford

Built shortly after the War of 1812 and rebuilt 18 years later, Fort Crawford stood at the intersection of two of North America’s greatest waterways. At a time where waterways were the primary form of transportation, Fort Crawford secured American…

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Toledo War- Summer of 1835

The Toledo War was a conflict that took place in 1835 between the State of Ohio and the Territory of Michigan. Both sides laid claim to a strip of land including the major commerce hub of Toledo. Tensions were high…

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The Battle of Phillip’s Corner (1835)

The Battle of Phillips Corners is proof of civil disunion that predates the Civil War. Where altercations of which have permanently changed the border lines of America’s maps as well as established the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s existence. The military…

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Battle of Wisconsin Heights: Indian Focus

The Sauk, Fox, and Kickapoo Indians fought bravely at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights. This battle acted as a turning point in the 1832 Black Hawk War as it signified the beginning of the end.  The militias had caught up…

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