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Tag: airfield

Alpena CRTC

  The Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center is an air force base located in Alpena, Michigan that is operated by the Michigan Air National Guard. Every year it hosts a special training program in conjunction with Camp Grayling in joint…

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Duluth, MN SAGE Direction Center

Located next to Duluth’s International Airport is a building that used to contain one of the Air Force’s primary systems for detecting intruding aircraft during the Cold War. The computer that the building contained was a part of the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment…

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General Billy Mitchell – Military Court Martial

General Billy Mitchell is most notably known for his push for US military airpower. His unrelenting commentary on the subject led to one of the most famous court martials for insubordination and his consequential resignation from the US Army. Early…

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Lockdown: The Story of the Soo Locks and WWII

The United States’ victory in World War II can be attributed to any number of strategic, tactical and technological developments, though it has often been observed that the United States’ industrial might significantly influenced the War’s eventual outcome. This “industrial might”…

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The Ford Family at Willow Run

On December 29, 1940, roughly one year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech vowing to aid the Allies in their fight against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan by providing military supplies while staying out…

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