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Tag: Willow Run

Willow Run Rough Start

January 1942 through June 1945, Willow Run served not only as the birthplace for 8,685 B-24 Liberator bombers, but also the airport for their native flight. The industrial installation also stood proudly as one the world’s largest factory at 3.5 million…

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Willow Run Wartime Problems

The Willow Run plant, located in between Ypsilanti and Belleville  Michigan, was a bomber plant built by the Ford Motor Company to assemble B-24 Liberator bombers. During World War Two, the plant was portrayed as an American success story and…

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Willow Run After WWII

Willow Run was an iconic WWII aircraft Production factory, following the end of the war it began a difficult road into a new age in american history. The plant was passed around between several companies, who all used the enormous ground…

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The Ford Family at Willow Run

On December 29, 1940, roughly one year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech vowing to aid the Allies in their fight against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan by providing military supplies while staying out…

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Willow Run – B24 Liberator

One bomber an hour at Willow Run bomber plant was the production speed of Willow Run bomber plant. Before Willow Run was converted to the airport we know today, during World War II it was the fastest B-24 production plant…

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