Sociology of Solar Technology

Solar technology development faces different challenges at different scales and in different places. I have two current projects that highlight this diversity. I am working with the Long Island Solar Roadmap, a collaborative project with multiple research and community partners, to study the technical, economic, spatial, policy, and social dynamics impacts opportunities in mid to large scale solar development on Long Island in order to identify low-impact and low-conflict sites. I am also working with Upper Peninsula Solar Technical Assistance Team (UPSTART) to examine the feasibility of community solar for rural communities served by municipal utilities in the Upper Peninsula of MI.

For more on the Long Island Solar Roadmap project, see Improving solar development policy and planning through stakeholder engagement: The Long Island Solar Roadmap Project” published in The Electricity Journal (2019).

For more on the work of UPSTART, see “Putting research to action: Integrating collaborative governance and community-engaged research for community solar” published in Social Sciences (2019)