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Tag: Duluth

Red Lake Peatland Atomic Fuse Test

During the Cold War, development of the atomic bombs took place in the deserts of the southwestern United States. These areas provided vast, unpopulated areas to safely test weapons of mass destruction, but they didn’t represent the climate of the…

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The Burning of the USS Essex

  The USS Essex III, was sloop-of-war serving the US Navy from 1876-1931. Its service varied during this period, from its operations in active duty to its time in various reserve and militia units on the Great Lakes. ¬†Unfortunately, the…

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U.S. Army Waste Disposal

In 1959, the U.S. Army contracted with Honeywell Inc., located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, to make classified anti-personnel grenades and mines. Due to the ammunitions being classified material, disposal of the material waste had to have high security. This, combined…

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Point Douglas Superior Military Road

On July 18, 1850 Congress approved funding, through the Minnesota Road Act, to build a road from Point Douglas, MN to Superior, WI.¬† This road along with four other roads outlined in the Minnesota Road Act were designed with a…

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