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Tag: Fort Mackinac

The Trade History of Fort Michilimackinac

  Fort Michilimackinac played a pivotal role in the Northwestern fur trading industry from its founding in 1715, up to its abandonment in 1783 . Originally built by the French, Fort Michilimackinac originally came to be as a supply depot…

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Robert McDoall and Fort Mackinac

British Control of Fort Mackinac during the War of 1812, led largely by Robert McDouall, was one of the biggest successes the British had during the War of 1812. Not only did they capture the fort with ease at the…

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Fort Mackinac from 1815 to the Civil War

After the War of 1812, the military significance of Fort Mackinac slowly declined. As it was no longer needed to defend against British forces in Canada, it was used as a troop reserve and an important fur trading post. The fort was…

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Fort Holmes

Fort Holmes was a military fort on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron that was a major part of the defense of the island. The fort does not have a long history since it was built in the War of 1812,…

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Fort Mackinac and The War of 1812

Fort Mackinac is a important fort that controlled the Straits of Mackinac, an important area that controlled access to Lake Michigan from Lake Huron. Travelling by boat was much faster than travelling across land so controlling this strait gave you faster troop movements around…

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