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Tag: French and Indian War

The Trade History of Fort Michilimackinac

  Fort Michilimackinac played a pivotal role in the Northwestern fur trading industry from its founding in 1715, up to its abandonment in 1783 . Originally built by the French, Fort Michilimackinac originally came to be as a supply depot…

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Fort St. Joseph

Fort St. Joseph was a trading post built by the French on the bank of the St. Joseph river near present day Niles, MI. The land was originally given to the Jesuits in 1684 by the French crown in order…

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Architecture of Fort Niagara

The fortifications and buildings at Fort Niagara were originally designed for trade and the repulsion of Indian and British attacks, these fortifications include the French Castle and two blockhouses. However they were not designed very well to repel attacks from…

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Fort Niagara

Painting of Fort Niagara (from Rice University, Google Images) Old Fort Niagara, considered gateway to the upper great lakes, has a rich history befitting a fortification that has stood since the early 1700’s. Over time, the fort has seen the ownership of…

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