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The Pullman Heritage Project is a research collaboration of the faculty and students in the Industrial Heritage and Archaeology group of the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Technological University. Working in partnership with the National Park Service staff at the Midwest Archaeology Center and Pullman National Monument, we are a Community of Practice formed from many disciplines, including anthropology, history, geography, sociology. We all share a commitment to studying the industrial world- from the transformations brought on during industrialization to all the subsequent transformations wrought from industrial technological, economic, ecological, cultural, and social evolutions.  Our interests extend to postindustrial regions and communities of the world struggling with the social and material consequences of industrial decline.

Our focus is on Pullman, now a community of Chicago, Illinois. The factory and planned town were built in 1880 to be the home of the Pullman Palace Car Company, industrialist George Pullman’s innovative passenger rail cars. The factory site is now the home of Pullman National Monument and the Pullman State Historic Site.

Pullman’s communities tell remarkable stories about the history of the United States and the world.