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The MHUGL is made up of places and people and objects that together tell the story of mitliary activity in the upper Great Lakes region from first contact to now. As this page grows we hope to provide a rich and deep exploration of this regions history relating to war and peace.

Explore by coming in and moving around on the map below and click an icon for its story.  Or use our new full(er)sreen map: The Big Board[1]

Please note that as of July 2018, Google has changed its pricing policy for embedded Maps, and we are evaluating whether the usage of this site will make it prohibitively expensive to retain these maps or we will have to rebuild the site with an open source plugin.  For now, if you click the message on any map it will still allow you to see where the site is located.

    This site is the project page for the U.S. Military History course (SS3505) at Michigan Technological University. We have begun in Fall 2015 and expect to expand the site with about 100 more sites each fall term for the next few years.  For questions or more information, please write Prof. Steven A. Walton.

    [1] With apologies to George C. Scott and Stanley Kubrick