Hancock Central High School


by Andrew Bolthouse Architect: G.L. Lockhart Alternative Name: Hancock Middle School Location: 417 Quincy Street, Hancock Built: 1923-24 Contractor: Archie Verville Electrical contract: Cuff & Co. (Edward Cuff) Plumbing: Gibson Plumbing Co., Minneapolis After the previous high school burned down on July 25, 1922, a new high school was constructed behind the site of the… Read more Hancock Central High School

Michigan College of Mines, Chemistry Building


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak Architect: Herbst & Kuenzli Alternative Name: Koenig Hall Location: Houghton, MI Built: 1920-22 Contractor: Herman Gundlach Addition in 1931: Derrick Hubert, architect; Archie Verville, contractor Demolished: 1968   On March 4, 1920, a fire destroyed Koenig Hall, the chemistry building. A new building was needed quickly… Read more Michigan College of Mines, Chemistry Building

Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail


by Bradley Plummer Architect: John B. Sweatt Location: 4th Street, Eagle River Built: 1886 Modified: 1925 This structure was designed by Sweatt, though its appearance has since changed. Originally it was a two-and-one-half-story rectangular structure with clapboard walls and a steep-pitch, hip-roof. The rear of the structure, the jail, was constructed of coursed rubble stone.… Read more Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail