Suomi College, Finlandia Hall


by Brett Schlager Architect: TMP Associates, Inc. Location: Finlandia University Campus, Hancock Built: 1983-1984 Contractor: Herman Gundlach, Inc. Finlandia Hall is a four-story, 192-room, co-ed student dormitory that is home to 184 students.1 Finlandia Hall was completed and ready for occupation in September of 1984 after a $3.5 million loan from the Federal Department of Education.2… Read more Suomi College, Finlandia Hall

Suomi College, Old Main


by Katie Torrey Architect: Charles Archibald Pearce Alternative Name: Finlandia University, Old Main Location: 601 Quincy St., Hancock Built: 1900 Contractors: Bajari & Ulseth; William Scott, masonry Suomi Old Main was the first permanent structure to be built for the Suomi Academy, a school that was started by the Finnish Lutheran Church to meet the spiritual… Read more Suomi College, Old Main