James R. Dee Block


by Jeremy Rickli Architect: Henry Leopold Ottenheimer Alternative Name: Post Office Block Location: Southeast corner of Isle Royale Street and Lakeshore Drive, Houghton Built: 1899 Contractor: Paul Mueller, Chicago; local superintendent, Herman Gundlach The James R. Dee Block is located in downtown Houghton close to the Shelden-Dee Block and the Douglass House. James R. Dee… Read more James R. Dee Block

Kroll Block


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak. Architect: Charlton, Gilbert, & Demar Location: 606 Shelden St., Houghton Built: 1897 Contractors: Wilson and Sampson Although this building bears the date “1897” on its front, Eckert dates it to 1899-1900 and credits it to Charlton, Gilbert & Demar.1 The two-story building has had its cornice… Read more Kroll Block

Houghton County Courthouse


by Bradley Plummer Architect: John B. Sweatt Location: 401 E. Houghton Ave., Houghton Built: 1886-1887 As one of the more distinctive courthouses built in late 19th-century Michigan, the Houghton County Courthouse reflects the prosperity brought to the area at the time due to the copper boom. The polychromatic, 2 ½-story building was influenced by the… Read more Houghton County Courthouse