Washington School


by A. K. Hoagland. Architect: John D. Chubb Location: Calumet Ave. and School St., Calumet Built: 1929-301 The previous school on this site burned in a spectacular fire in January 1929. The Central School, built in 1875, had served as a model school building, which included the high school grades until 1898, when a new… Read more Washington School

Hancock Central High School


by Andrew Bolthouse Architect: G.L. Lockhart Alternative Name: Hancock Middle School Location: 417 Quincy Street, Hancock Built: 1923-24 Contractor: Archie Verville Electrical contract: Cuff & Co. (Edward Cuff) Plumbing: Gibson Plumbing Co., Minneapolis After the previous high school burned down on July 25, 1922, a new high school was constructed behind the site of the… Read more Hancock Central High School

Michigan College of Mines, Chemistry Building


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak Architect: Herbst & Kuenzli Alternative Name: Koenig Hall Location: Houghton, MI Built: 1920-22 Contractor: Herman Gundlach Addition in 1931: Derrick Hubert, architect; Archie Verville, contractor Demolished: 1968   On March 4, 1920, a fire destroyed Koenig Hall, the chemistry building. A new building was needed quickly… Read more Michigan College of Mines, Chemistry Building

Lake Linden High School


by A. K. Hoagland. Architect: John D. Chubb Location: 601 Calumet St., Lake Linden Built: 1918 When Lake Linden’s parochial school, St. Ann’s Academy, ceased teaching the high-school grades in 1915, the influx of new students into the public school pressured the school board to construct a new building. The three-story masonry building in the… Read more Lake Linden High School

Dollar Bay High School


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Derrick Hubert Location: 48475 Maple Drive, Dollar Bay Built: 1914-15 Contractor: John J. Michels; F. W. Stoyle, plumbing; Peninsula Heating Co., heating; Edward Nelson Electrical Co. of Green Bay, electrical; Carlton Hardware Co., galvanized iron ventilation system1 Built at a cost of $65,000, the Dollar Bay High School was clad… Read more Dollar Bay High School

Laurium Village Hall


by Morgan Davis Architect: Fred Maass Location: Hecla Street, Laurium Remodeled: 1914 Contractor: Chatel & Vairo In 1899 the recently incorporated village of Laurium built a new village hall, a two-story building with false front. Fifteen years later, the village decided on an expansion and remodeling, and hired Fred Maass to prepare the plans. It… Read more Laurium Village Hall

St. Joseph’s Church


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: A.F. Wasielewski Location: 701 Calumet St., Lake Linden Completed: 1912 Contractor: A. F. Wasielewski Charlton, Gilbert & Demar, with C. Archibald Pearce as Associate Architect, originally designed this building, which would have faced Front Street. Although construction was begun in 1901, lack of funding delayed the process. In 1905 a young priest… Read more St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph’s Church

by Katie Torrey Associate Architect: Charles Archibald Pearce Location: 701 Calumet St., Lake Linden Built: Begun 1901, not completed until 1912 with a modified design Pearce was listed as associate architect on this building; Charlton, Gilbert & Demar were the architects of record. See main entry and second entry for this building Buildings by Charles Archibald Pearce in the… Read more St. Joseph’s Church