Emma Jane Pearce House


by Katie Torrey

Architect: Charles Archibald Pearce
Location: 312 Cooper St., East Hancock
Built: ca 1900

312 Cooper St. Photograph by D. Torrey.

Pearce designed this house for his mother, Emma Jane Pearce, and his siblings.1 After his mother died in 1908, his unmarried sisters, Amy and Rhoda Pearce, inherited the house and continued to live there for the rest of their lives.2 Neither Amy nor Rhoda worked outside the house, so they rented rooms, sometimes to MTU students, for additional income.3 The house was owned by the Pearce family until 1949 and is still a private residence.

This shingle-style house is two-and-a-half stories tall. The wood frame is clad with shingles; a beltcourse divides the stories. The hip roof has a cross gable as well as a large gable dormer on the east side. In the front gable, the eave boards have a flourish and traces of ornament. In the peak of the gable, there is a small bracketed oriel. Below it are four banded windows on the second floor. On the east side, the exterior chimney is constructed of rough-faced, coursed Jacobsville sandstone up to the eaves, then brick above. Also on the east side is a one-story semicircular bay window.

Buildings by Charles Archibald Pearce in the Copper Country


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