Liebert House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 214 Mason St., East Hancock Built: 1907 Hans Liebert designed and built his house about 1907.1 Several Jacobean Revival features are contained in a bungalow form in this house. The brick walls, parapeted gable wall dormers, portcullis-like entrance, and half-timbering in the gable are all elements of the… Read more Liebert House

Gennette Block


by Brandon M. Herman Architect: Byron H. Pierce Location: 813-15 Lincoln Drive, corner of Elevation Street, Hancock Built: 1906 S. A. Gennette commissioned this unusual tile-block building in 1906.1 One of Pierce’s last works, he died less than two months before it opened in November 1906. When the building opened Gennette claimed to have prepared the plans… Read more Gennette Block

Germania Hall


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: North side Quincy Street, Hancock Built: 1906 Destroyed by fire 1966 Contractor: Northern Construction Company Plumbing: E. A. Hamilton Heating: Funkey Bros. Electricity: Charles Kenerson1 The German Aid Society, which claimed to be “the oldest society in copperdom,” was formed in 1859 by forty-men who worked at… Read more Germania Hall

Elks Club


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: Southeast corner of Hancock and Reservation streets, Hancock Built: 1906 Demolished: ca. 1950 Hancock’s Elks Club contracted for a two-story brick building with a rounded corner, elaborate cornice, and decorative molding over the second-floor windows. The basement was left unfinished, but was planned to accommodate bowling alleys… Read more Elks Club

Schneider Building


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 319-321 Quincy St. Hancock Built: 1906 Contractor: Herman Gundlach This three-story brick building was constructed for Joseph Schneider of 317 Harris St., East Hancock, who owned a saloon on the first floor. The first-floor storefronts have been altered; the drawings indicate they would have been sandstone. The… Read more Schneider Building

St. Joseph’s Hospital


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: Water Street, Hancock Built: 1902-04; demolished late 1985 Contractor: Fred E. King and Co.; Plastering: William Patton; Plumbing and gas: Fred Stoyle; Heating: James Sullivan; Electric wiring: George H. Hall and Co.; Tile and marble: George H. Rees; contractor for laundry building: George McGlynn.1 St. Mary’s Hospital… Read more St. Joseph’s Hospital

Whittle House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 415 Cooper Ave. East Hancock Built: 1902-3 Thomas Whittle, chief mining captain for the Quincy Mining Company, purchased this property and had two houses removed from it and placed at the top of Vivian Street. The house was built as a wedding gift for his wife, Lylie.… Read more Whittle House

J.E. Scallon House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 1209 Quincy St., Hancock Built: 1901-02 This rambling house has an irregular roofline, projections and recessions, bay windows, dormers of different shapes, and porches. Located on the far west side of Hancock, this house was built for Dr. J. E. Scallon. It was planned in 1901, and… Read more J.E. Scallon House