John B. Sweatt

by Bradley Plummer. John B. Sweatt (1846-1925?) was one of the first architects to design buildings in the Copper Country. Originally from Chicago, Sweatt lived in Marquette during the late 19th and early 20th century. He is responsible for some major civic buildings in the Keweenaw constructed in the 1880s. Biography John B. Sweatt was… Read more John B. Sweatt

Houghton County Courthouse


by Bradley Plummer Architect: John B. Sweatt Location: 401 E. Houghton Ave., Houghton Built: 1886-1887 As one of the more distinctive courthouses built in late 19th-century Michigan, the Houghton County Courthouse reflects the prosperity brought to the area at the time due to the copper boom. The polychromatic, 2 ½-story building was influenced by the… Read more Houghton County Courthouse

Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail


by Bradley Plummer Architect: John B. Sweatt Location: 4th Street, Eagle River Built: 1886 Modified: 1925 This structure was designed by Sweatt, though its appearance has since changed. Originally it was a two-and-one-half-story rectangular structure with clapboard walls and a steep-pitch, hip-roof. The rear of the structure, the jail, was constructed of coursed rubble stone.… Read more Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail

First National Bank


by Bradley Plummer. Architect: John B. Sweatt Location: 5th street, Calumet Built: 1886 Demolished The First National Bank of Calumet was designed and built by J. B. Sweatt in 1886. The two-story, six-bay building originally measured 34’ x 57’. The front façade was of variegated sandstone, which was obtained from Portage Entry quarries and was… Read more First National Bank

Red Jacket Village Hall


by Bradley Plummer Architect: John B. Sweatt Alternative Name: Calumet Opera House and Village Hall Location: 340 6th Street, Calumet Built: 1885-1886 Contractor: Jesse Butler Altered: 1900, Charles K. Shand, architect The Red Jacket Village Hall was originally designed in 1885 by Sweatt and built for $14,272 in 1886. The land was leased to the… Read more Red Jacket Village Hall