William Pryor

by Scott Hager. William Pryor (1869-1899), is the only architect practicing during the boom period who was born in the Copper Country, but his career was cut short by an early death. Biography Pryor was born December 27, 1869.1¬†After becoming an architect, he resided with his father, James Pryor, on Main Street, which is now… Read more William Pryor

Roehm House


by Scott Hager Architect: William Pryor Location: 101 Willow Street (corner of First and Boundary), Laurium Built: 1895-96 Paul P. Roehm (1857-1925) was a contractor and coal dealer, but this house exhibits another of his lines of work, and that was masonry. A rare example of a Jacobsville sandstone house, this is a particularly ornate… Read more Roehm House