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Frank W. Hessenmueller

by A. K. Hoagland with additions by Steven A. Walton. Frank Hessenmueller had a brief but varied career in the Copper Country. He designed a range of commercial buildings and at least one residential building before departing for unknown reasons. Biography Little is known of Frank Hessenmueller, who appeared in the 1907-08 and 1910 Polk’s Directories, but not in the 1912 one. His office was in the Calumet State Bank building in […]

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Tambellini Block


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Alternative Name: Luigi’s Location: 508-10 Portland St., Calumet Built: 1909 John Tambellini had this building constructed for his saloon, with apartments above.1 The three-story building is faced with an orange-ish brick, trimmed in a grid pattern with a dark purple brick. There are three entrances on the front: a canted entrance at the alley; a center doorway that provides access to the upper […]

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St. Anne’s Parsonage


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 25719 5th Street, Calumet Built: 1909 A French Canadian congregation built St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church in 1900 at the corner of 5th and Scott streets. In 1909, the congregation replaced the pre-existing parsonage next door on Scott Street with this large brick building.1 Hessenmueller employed a Tudor Revival style, probably in an effort to make it compatible with the Gothic Revival church. The […]

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Mineral Range Railroad Depot


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 9th and Oak streets, Calumet Built: 1908 Contractor: Edward Ulseth1 Masonry: Paul P. Roehm2 The Mineral Range Railroad operated a line from Hancock to Calumet by 1872. In 1891 the railroad was acquired by the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad, tying it into a nationwide network. In 1908 DSS&A officials visited Calumet to commission this new depot. Hessenmueller traveled to […]

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Lake Superior Produce Co. Warehouse


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: East side of 6th Street between Pine and Spruce, Calumet Built: 1908 Contractor: Charles A. Anderson When most of the supplies came in by rail, refrigerated warehouses near the railroad tracks were essential. This warehouse was served by a siding from the Copper Range Railroad, whose passenger depot was located just north of the building, and whose freight depot was across […]

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F. M. Kirby & Co. 5¢ and 10¢ Store


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 310 5th St., Calumet Built: 1907 Bartholomew Quello, who owned the three-story building next door, acquired this lot for $5,000—a record price for Calumet real estate at the time. The lot held a frame building occupied by a candy kitchen and a Chinese laundry. Quello had that building torn down and a new building designed for F. M. Kirby & Co., a firm […]

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Peter E. Ruppe House


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 803 Pine St., Calumet Built: 1907 Peter Ruppe, who operated a general merchandise store on Fifth Street brought his sons into his firm. The older, Peter E. Ruppe, who commissioned Hessenmueller to design a house for himself at the corner of 8th and Pine, eventually took over the firm.1 With his wife, Mary, Peter lived in this house with children born in 1909 and […]

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First National Bank of Laurium


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 301 Hecla St., Laurium Built: 1907 Hessenmueller designed this bank building, originally planned for two stories, with a third story when its backers decided there was a need in Laurium for a large modern hall for lodge meetings. The estimated construction cost was $45,000.1 The three-story building, with brown ironspot brick walls, has elaborate white glazed terra cotta ornament. The corner […]

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