Robert Correa Walsh

by Josh Makela.

Robert Correa Walsh (1855-1911), an architect in Morristown, New Jersey, with a high-society clientele, designed only one building in the Copper Country, the Quincy Mining Company Office Building.


Robert Correa Walsh was born on June 3, 1855, in Washington, DC, to Joseph Correa and Sarah McCall Walsh. He practiced architecture in Morristown, NJ, where he designed some of the larger houses, as well as the Morris County Golf Club and the First National Bank.1 His designs were often in the Colonial Revival style. He was also chairman of the Police Committee, and a member of the Morristown Club, the Common Council, and St. Peter’s Church. Walsh died on October 2, 1911, of a heart attack at his home, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Morristown. He left behind a wife, Virginia Rosse Walsh, and two daughters, Margaret and Dorothea.2



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