A.F. Wasielewski

by A.K. Hoagland.

A. F. Wasielewski, a Minneapolis-based architect and contractor who designed several churches in the upper Midwest, designed just one building in the Copper Country.


Little is known of A. F. Wasielewski or how he happened to design Lake Linden’s St. Joseph’s Church. In a newspaper article concerning the building, he was identified as a general contractor, builder and architect of Minneapolis. He claimed to have constructed 24 large buildings, including churches, public schools, parochial schools, and residences. He said he had designed and built the French Catholic church of Dayton, Minnesota, for $25,061, and St. Leo’s Church in Minot, North Dakota, for $30,745.1 He also designed the Church of the Resurrection in Eveleth, Minnesota, in 1900.2



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