Nelson-Schroeder Block


by David Bandlow

Architect: Carl E. Nystrom
Location: Corner of Oak and Seventh Street, Calumet
Built: 1901
Contractor: Paul P. F. Mueller

Nelson-Schroeder Block. Photo by J. Matijega, 2006.

The Nelson-Schroeder Block houses several shops and apartments. The brick and stone building is named after the owners, Lawrence Nelson and Frank Schroeder. Classical Revival features include the quoining, modillioned cornice, and bull’s-eye windows at the attic level. Storefront entrances are recessed, while doorways to the upper floors are round-arched and are echoed by the third-floor windows. The four stores had Luxfer prism glass in the transom windows. The building, which measured 118’ x 58’, originally had balconies which have since been removed. The cost of construction at the time was around $40,000.

Nelson-Schroeder Block. Hancock Evening Journal, 14 November 1901.1

Buildings by Carl E. Nystrom in the Copper Country


  1. “Nelson-Schroeder Block”, Hancock Evening Journal, 14 November 1901.