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St. Joseph’s Church

by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak.

Architect: Charlton, Gilbert, & Demar
Location: 701 Calumet St., Lake Linden
Begun: 1901-02, with C. A. Pearce, associate architect
Completed: 1912 with a modified design, A. F. Wasielewski, architect


St. Joseph’s Church. From Rev. Antoine Ivan Rezek, History of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette (Chicago: M. A. Donahue & Co., 1907), 2:194.

By 1897 the French Canadian congregation of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church had outgrown its 1871 church building, so it decided to build a new stone church at the same location. Charlton, Gilbert & Demar, with C. A. Pearce, Associate Architect, produced working drawings in August 1901, although detail drawings from a few months later had the title block of Charlton & Gilbert, along with Pearce.1 By January 1902 the lower level of the new church was completed, but construction on the new building halted for lack of funds. Mass was held in the basement of the church until enough money was raised to complete construction.2 Architect A. F. Wasielewski modified the design and the building was completed in 1912.

Charlton, Gilbert & Demar’s design called for a Jacobsville sandstone building with a strong central tower, flanked by two subsidiary towers at the corners. The three-part entrance was framed with Ionic columns surmounted by a cornice. In the original design, the church faced Front Street, the main street in Lake Linden. But by 1912 the main street had shifted one block west to Calumet St., so Wasielewski reoriented the church to face the new main street.

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