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Tag: 1900s

Croatian Co-operative Store


by Morgan Davis Architect: Maass Brothers Location: 7th and Elm streets, Calumet Built: 1907 Builder: W. F. Milford1 The Croatian Co-Operative Company formed in about 1906 and built this store building. Officers were William Mihelcich, President; Frank Stepech, Secretary; Matti Drazich, Treasurer; and John Agnich, Manager. They offered general merchandise and claimed to be “The Largest Co-Operative Store in Calumet,” a challenge to the Tamarack Co-op. By 1912, though, the […]

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Tamarack Co-operative Store


by Morgan Davis Architect: Maass Brothers Location: Oak Street, Calumet Built: 1907; Demolished Contractor: L. F. Ursin Hailed as the “largest retail outlet north of Milwaukee,” the Tamarack Co-operative Store was also one of the most successful co-ops in the United States. Supported by mine managers, the store kept retail prices low throughout the Copper Country, allowing managers to keep wages correspondingly low.1 The Co-op was apparently the idea of […]

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Kauth House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 318 Cooper Ave., East Hancock Built: 1907 A two-story porch with two-story fluted columns and a prominent pedimented portico distinguish this house, which also has two-story bay windows flanking the central entrance. Andrew Kauth, owner of the Kauth Block and a fine upscale saloon, had this foundation dug and laid a couple years ahead of time in order to let it settle […]

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Lawton House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 216 Cooper St., East Hancock Built: 1907 This bungalow-style home was originally built for Swaby and Lucy Lawton. Swaby was a lawyer for Hanchette & Lawton and brother of Quincy Mining Company’s general manager.1 The side-gable roof is a prominent feature, extending to cover the porch across the front. There are two large hip-roofed dormers in front of different sizes, although the […]

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Liebert House


by Joe Lukaszewski Architect: Hans T. Liebert Location: 214 Mason St., East Hancock Built: 1907 Hans Liebert designed and built his house about 1907.1 Several Jacobean Revival features are contained in a bungalow form in this house. The brick walls, parapeted gable wall dormers, portcullis-like entrance, and half-timbering in the gable are all elements of the Jacobean Revival, while the broad gable roof, deep bracketed eaves, and oriel with stained glass […]

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F. M. Kirby & Co. 5¢ and 10¢ Store


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 310 5th St., Calumet Built: 1907 Bartholomew Quello, who owned the three-story building next door, acquired this lot for $5,000—a record price for Calumet real estate at the time. The lot held a frame building occupied by a candy kitchen and a Chinese laundry. Quello had that building torn down and a new building designed for F. M. Kirby & Co., a firm […]

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Peter E. Ruppe House


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 803 Pine St., Calumet Built: 1907 Peter Ruppe, who operated a general merchandise store on Fifth Street brought his sons into his firm. The older, Peter E. Ruppe, who commissioned Hessenmueller to design a house for himself at the corner of 8th and Pine, eventually took over the firm.1 With his wife, Mary, Peter lived in this house with children born in 1909 and […]

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First National Bank of Laurium


by A. K. Hoagland Architect: Frank W. Hessenmueller Location: 301 Hecla St., Laurium Built: 1907 Hessenmueller designed this bank building, originally planned for two stories, with a third story when its backers decided there was a need in Laurium for a large modern hall for lodge meetings. The estimated construction cost was $45,000.1 The three-story building, with brown ironspot brick walls, has elaborate white glazed terra cotta ornament. The corner […]

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Calumet Manual Training and High School


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak. Architect: Charlton & Kuenzli Alternative Name: CLK High School Location: U.S. 41, Calumet, MI Built: 1905-07 In 1905, Calumet’s Manual Training and High Schools, which were owned by the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company and leased to the school district, burned to the ground. C&H hired Charlton & Kuenzli to design the replacement, in which the two schools were combined. […]

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Gennette Block


by Brandon M. Herman Architect: Byron H. Pierce Location: 813-15 Lincoln Drive, corner of Elevation Street, Hancock Built: 1906 S. A. Gennette commissioned this unusual tile-block building in 1906.1 One of Pierce’s last works, he died less than two months before it opened in November 1906. When the building opened Gennette claimed to have prepared the plans and specifications and to have supervised construction, but Pierce’s obituary stated that Pierce had prepared […]

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