Vertin’s Department Store


by Morgan Davis. Architect: Charles W. Maass Location: 216-220 6th Street, corner of Oak, Calumet Addition: 1899-1900 John and Joseph Vertin established this department store, which grew to be biggest in the Copper Country. The ‘big store’ of the Copper Country housed everything a miner or millionaire family could need. Groceries, wallpaper, millinery, ready-to-wear, furniture,… Read more Vertin’s Department Store

Fichtel House


by Morgan Davis. Architect: Charles W. Maass Location: 242 Iroquois St., Laurium Built: 1899 Contractor: Bajari & Ulseth Charles L. Fichtel, a druggist, commissioned this grand house in 1899. The newspaper described it as being in the “English style,” probably meaning Queen Anne Revival. The jerkinhead-gable roof, cross gable, three-story tower, porches and projections, and… Read more Fichtel House

Hermann Building


by Morgan Davis. Architect: Charles W. Maass Location: 106 6th St., Calumet Built: 1898 Joseph Hermann had this combination commercial-residential building constructed. The walls of uncoursed ashlar sandstone are complemented by a pressed metal cornice and window hoods. High-grade, purer red sandstone is used on the front, while the sides and rear are of a… Read more Hermann Building

Kinsman Block


by Morgan Davis. Architect: Charles W. Maass Alternative Name: William Wayner Building Location: 101 6th Street, Calumet Built: 1898 Contractors: P.P. Roehm, masonry; and Bajari & Ulseth, carpentry W.C. Kinsman learned the trade of harness-making in Cornwall and established a business in Red Jacket in 1872. He engaged Maass to draw the plans for a… Read more Kinsman Block