Fichtel House


by Morgan Davis.

Architect: Charles W. Maass
Location: 242 Iroquois St., Laurium
Built: 1899
Contractor: Bajari & Ulseth

Fichtel House. Photograph by A. K. Hoagland, 2009.

Charles L. Fichtel, a druggist, commissioned this grand house in 1899. The newspaper described it as being in the “English style,” probably meaning Queen Anne Revival. The jerkinhead-gable roof, cross gable, three-story tower, porches and projections, and various sidings of clapboards and shingles all contribute to this effect. The newspaper also noted that it cost about $8,000 to construct.1

The reception room had a grand staircase, a fireplace with onyx mantel, and an inglenook. The parlor, finished in birds-eye maple, had a bay window. It was connected with sliding doors to the sitting room which measured 44 by 16 feet and also had a bay window and fireplace, finished in white oak. The dining room had “large column portiers between and an elegant china closet.” Upstairs were five bedrooms, each with a closet. The front bedroom had access to a balcony.2

Buildings by Maass, et al., in the Copper Country


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