Quincy Mining Company Houses


by Joe Lukaszewski

Architect: Hans T. Liebert
Location: 49231 Hillside, 19570 Sampson, 19604 Sampson, 49142 Roosevelt, 311 White, and 317 White, Hancock.
Built: 1905
Contractor: Gauthier Brothers

317 and 311 White St. Photograph by A. K. Hoagland, 2007.

Liebert designed two types of houses for Quincy to build and sell to the public in its newly platted Quincy Second Hillside Addition. The smaller form (the first three listed) was 1 ½ stories with a large entrance hall, two rooms on the first floor and two bedrooms on the second floor. The larger version (the second three listed above) were 2 ½ stories with an additional room on the first and second floors, as well as a bathroom. Both types were clad in shingles and had a distinguishing ornament in the peak of the gable.1

49231 Roosevelt. Photograph by A. K. Hoagland, 2007.

Buildings by Hans T. Liebert in the Copper Country


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