Seth D. North & Son Store


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak

Architect: Demar & Lovejoy
Location: Quincy Hill, Hancock
Built: 1894-95
Contractor: E. E. Grip & Co.

North Store. From Our Boys in the Spanish-American War: A Souvenir, Illustrated (privately printed, 1900).

This building was a two-story store constructed of variegated Jacobsville sandstone. Paired plate-glass windows flanked the round-arched center entrance. Round-arched windows illuminated the second floor. The building had no cornice.

Quincy Mining Company built a store and operated it in 1863-64, but lost money on the venture and sold it to Seth D. North in September 1866. North operated a successful venture for several decades. The store was demolished for construction of the new Quincy office building in 1895, so Quincy built this new store and leased it to North.1

North Store. Historic photograph from Historic American Engineering Record, HAER MI-2-270.

Buildings by Demar & Lovejoy in the Copper Country


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