St. Anne’s Church


by Dany Peavey, Stevan Sliger, John Krystof, and Travis Dvorak

Architect: Charlton, Gilbert, & Demar
Alternative Name: Keweenaw Heritage Center
Location: 5th & Scott streets, Calumet
Built: 1899-1901
Contractor: Prendergast & Clarkson

St. Anne’s Church. Photograph by Stevan Sliger, 2006.

Designed in 1899 and completed in 1901, this church was constructed for Calumet’s French Canadian population. Designed in the Gothic Revival style, the church was built of rough-faced Jacobsville sandstone. The most prominent feature is the corner bell tower which rises to a height of 130’. The church was built on a 5’-high water table and is accessed through a triple Gothic-arched entrances. Along the sides pointed-arched windows are separated by buttresses. The interior of the church held up to 800 congregants and is lined with 14 stained-glass windows of purple, brown, and green. No longer a church, the building’s pews and main altar were removed, but the dramatic interior remains.

St. Anne’s Church, Interior. MTU Archives.

Buildings by Charlton et al. in the Copper Country